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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Experienced, Trusted Upholstery Cleaning Team

At steam cleaning Melbourne, we offer quality, full service upholstery cleaning that refreshes and cleans your furniture completely. Our complete treatment removes all threatening stains, dirt and allergens without disrupting the natural or original qualities of your pieces.

As with our carpet cleaning service our experienced technicians offer you years of hand-on experience with all types of materials and textures. They give you a quality clean backed with in-depth knowledge.

Steam C leaning Melbourne offers you quality service, professional results and a guaranteed clean for your upholstery.

Knowledgeable Service, Gentle Treatment

We clean all types of fabrics and furniture style with precision and confidence. We give you the clean you need for all your upholstered furniture.

Our trained technicians treat all upholstery textiles with individual attention. We confidently clean silk, wool, leather, micro fibre, linen, cotton and suede without causing damage to the natural quality of the fabric.

We clean all furniture styles including couches, arm chairs, chaise lounges, and ottomans. We clean deep into the folds and crevices of all furniture, removing stains, dirt and allergens, and leave you with a fresh, clean feal

Effective Cleaning Methods

Steam cleaning Melbourne performs various cleaning methods to suit your upholstery completely. We offer steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, dry cleaning and deep cleaning treatments.
Each of these treatments removes all set in stains, embedded dirt and damaging germs and allergens. They leave you with a long-lasting clean that renews and refreshed your furniture.